About Credit Risk Management Canada

We are the unique provider of end-to-end solutions for credit grantors across Canada. Throughout the credit relationship, our solutions uncover and minimize the risks associated with granting credit of any kind. From approvals to arrears ~ our innovative solutions are widely respected and trusted.

Our proprietary web-based RISK CONTROL suite of solutions offers one platform for due diligence strategies such as gathering, sharing and storing personal and commercial credit file information, conducting searches on PPSA, Real Property, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Updating banking and supplier references, and more, becoming your internal system for tracking and sharing information throughout the customer relationship.

Our PPSA Services are used from coast to coast to secure assets and manage next steps. Land Title, Corporate and other searches are also available to you on line.

Many clients trust us as their outsourcing partner for Accounts Receivable Management. Doing more with less is a common challenge. Outsourcing some components of your A/R department in a fee for service strategy allows your company to pay for results only – not for training, or sick days, or vacation or any other downtime. Results based outsourcing is definitely the way of the future and will undoubtedly save you time and money. Our goodwill call centre contacts your clients on your behalf early in the aging process to encourage timely payment of invoices and develop that principle as an ongoing expectation of your customer relationship.

Debt Recovery solutions have been a cornerstone of our support for lenders for more than 30 years. Our recovery rates are the best in the region, and our approach is always professional, motivating your customer to make your account their priority. We solve your toughest situations. Many industries trust us to recover their money quickly and professionally – financial institutions, insurance companies, print/media, commercial wholesalers, medical, agriculture, property management, transportation, construction to name a few. Web based account listing makes it simple to list your accounts, and remote client access means you can look at your accounts in our system any time.