Risk Control

Knowledge is power. Uncovering credit risks and minimizing exposure is our unique contribution to your business. When automated decisioning is simply not enough and you have to dig deeper to find the comfort zone to say yes ~ our team of specialists will make the process faster, less costly, and more effective.

Risk Control by Credit Risk Management provides one gateway to a complete suite of solutions on a common platform for significant decisioning information. From the initial lending opportunity to determining the best methods to maximize recovery, Direct Diligence through CRM’s Risk Control will change the way we uncover the facts and assess true risk.

The benefits are limitless with one platform for due diligence strategies such as gathering, sharing and storing personal and commercial credit file information, conducting searches on PPSA, Real Property, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Updating banking and supplier references, and more. Imagine requesting, receiving, storing, sharing, updating and tracking internal actions and commenting on this important information all in one place throughout your internal processes. No more waiting for information from numerous sources, copying and couriering the information to other departments, everything is done in one place – accessible based on security clearance to whomever you determine should see it.

We customize the elements of due diligence that you require based on the subject. For some new subjects you may want all or most elements. In other cases you may simply want an updated PPSA search, or a look at the land title information. Upon renewal, you may want a five point update. Some of our clients set defaults for us based on credit limit, type of business, and past performance. Your choice. You tell us what you want, we make it happen.